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Hard Gel

  • Clear Builder Gel

    Clear Builder Gel

    Assures total control with thick viscosity gels, eliminates bubbles & discoloring in white gel, self levels and provides a smooth finish.

    Clear Builder 15 ml

    870 B.

  • Pink Builder Gel

    Pink Builder Gel

    Thin gel which creates a brilliant finish that contains UV brighteners and stabilizers to prevent yellowing with a reinforced molecular structure.


    870 B.

  • White Builder Gel

    White Builder Gel

    Vivid pure white that creates the ultimate French look & creates that pristine smile line.


    870 B.


    2,040 B.

  1. GHG Prep to Finish & Accessories

    GHG Prep to Finish & Accessories

    Gelish Hard Gel Essential

  2. GHG Cleanser & Remover

    GHG Cleanser & Remover

    Gelish Hard Gel nail cleanser and remover

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