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Nail Brushes

  1. Gel Brushes

    Gel Brushes

    Our series of Gel Brushes are developed with the same highest quality as the Acrylic Brushes, but smaller. The compact handles provide ease and workability for the nail technician. Five different shapes and lengths provide versatility in application. Square shapes for the perfect pink and whites, ovals for overlays, and stripers for finer art details.
  2. Acrylic Brushes

    Acrylic Brushes

    The Hand & Nail Harmony series of brushes are hand crafted using the finest Kolinsky hair available. We utilize the most experienced brush manufactures in the world to ensure the highest quality of brushes this industry demands. Our brushes have a firm belly for the perfect application for all types of procedures. Our Designer Series brushes have a flat oval shape that tapers to a fine point for the perfect smile line application. At Hand & Nail Harmony we understand your brush is your tool to the perfect pink & white application.
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