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Files & Buffers

  1. Nail Tek Crystal Files

    Nail Tek Crystal Files

    Nail Tek Crystal Files are designed especially for natural nails and will not shred the nail like an emery board or ordinary file.
  1. Artistic Files & Buffers

    Artistic Files & Buffers

    Designed to be light and comfortable to hold and control. Shaped for ease of use and to eliminate contact with the cuticle and surrounding skin.
  2. Harmony Files & Buffers

    Harmony Files & Buffers

    Hand & Nail Harmony’s file collection is manufactured with superior paper resulting in a long lasting file and a much easier application for the technician. These files are going to last three times longer than the competitors files. The Hand & Nail Harmony files have a custom shape for fine detail cuticle work and a wider base for surface filing.
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