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Waxing Products

  1. Cirepil Non-Strip Wax

    Cirepil Non-Strip Wax

    Invented by Perron-Rigot, these waxes can be applied in ultra-thin layers and do not require non-woven strips to be removed. By choosing to use Perron-Rigot’s non-strip waxes, you will save on wax and choose the texture you prefer. Non-strip waxes are perfect for all body areas and especially the most sensitive ones. Register to our “Flex waxing” training course in order to learn more about non-strip waxes and perfect your professional hair-removal skills.
  2. Cirepil Waxing Care Basics

    Cirepil Waxing Care Basics

    Pre- and Post-Waxing Care with an All-New Look!
  3. Cirepil Waxing Accessories

    Cirepil Waxing Accessories

    For perfect services.
  1. Cirepil Waxing Cartridges

    Cirepil Waxing Cartridges

    Ideal for large areas, cartridges are a quick, convenient and efficient way to remove hair. Non-sticky, the wax is removed using non-woven strips. They are available in different textures and fragrances.
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